Grants access to public snapchat and content no one else gets to see on my public profiles.

Please understand under no conditions is screenshotting or republishing allowed! Keep that rule in mind and we’ll get along just great 🙂


Exclusive Access

This group is kept small for a reason, to keep interaction as close as possible giving everyone who gets in access to content that isn’t seen on my public social profiles! This gives me the chance to share with my fans that I wouldn’t ordinarily show publicly with the world 🙂

Small Group

There is a cap on the size of how big this group gets. Once it’s, full it’s full! I do this purposely to keep a small community of my most dedicated fans and so all content is only available to a select group of people. If people do decide to leave, new spots will open up!


While I may not be able to go back and forth messaging with all of you, I love reading your messages and suggestions on what to do next! This allows me to have a closer interaction with you all to know what you like!

Unseen Content

All content in the private snap is unseen. I may use some teasers on my public profiles to promote and show what is taking place in my private group, but everything from there is 100% unique to the private group and the private group only! NO SCREENSHOTS! 🙂


Please use this form for order inquiries & business inquiries only and I will get back to you as soon as I can! xoxo Julianne

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